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At The Ericksen Law Firm, we advise you on best practices for increasing your chances of being paid on time by your clients. Or—in the event legal intervention is required—we provide a multi-level approach based on your goals and objectives for client retention, with litigation as the last resort.

Get the Money You Deserve

We understand that a business needs their money from their clients. We understand you need your money as soon and a quickly as possible. There are ways you can get your money before stepping into a court room. With the help of a lawyer, you can come up with a plan to find a way to get your money before matters get too out of control. There are ways to find an agreement between you and your client in order to get your money. With a lawyer’s guidance and assistance, there can be multiple solutions and course of actions that you can use to come to agreements.

Find a Lawyer to Represent You

If you do end up having to go to court, find a lawyer who is not only familiar with these cases, but can also represent you well in court. You need a lawyer who can provide strategies that not only get you back your money, but also provide protection. Paperwork is essential, which means you need someone who is familiar with legal issues as well as the paperwork. Get a lawyer who represents you well in the court room.

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If you or someone you know needs help getting the money from your clients, contact us today at or apply online for a free 30 minute consultation. Get back the money you deserve and fight for your case today.

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