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The Ericksen Law Firm is a Texas law firm whose mission is to change people’s perceptions of lawyers, one case at a time. We work with employers who need help protecting their business and their work. It’s important to understand the details of business law and contracts. With The Ericksen Law Firm, we can work together to find what we need to help your case.

We believe in practicing law ethically and transparently so that our clients understand the risks and rewards of litigation, and the fees, expenses, and time involved, up front. It’s important for our clients to fully understand not only what their case needs, but our focus. We prepare our clients for their cases and understand the skills needed to win their case.

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If you or someone you know is in need a lawyer for your business, call us today at or apply online for a free 30 minute consultation. Get someone who understands the outline and legal rights for your work and is willing to fight for you. Let me be your viking lawyer and navigate the seas of litigation and bring justice to your case today.

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